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Affirmations for Mindful Moms

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Motherhood is a sacred journey. We come together on this Earth with our children to learn and grow together. Being a mother is an amazing experience, but many of us are very hard on ourselves.

Sometimes we forget that none of us are perfect.

I used to really struggle with mom guilt. I felt like I couldn’t do enough for my kids, and I put a lot of pressure on myself to get everything perfect the first time.

My kid’s behaviour used to trigger me because it brought out my inner fear and guilt. I would feel guilty about being triggered. My guilt and fear didn’t help me or my children; it just made me feel terrible. I was not being the joyful, peaceful, understanding Mom that I wanted to be.

Then, I started daily meditation and affirmations to improve my life and focus on self-love.

My relationships with my kids (and others!) started to improve!

Best of all, I started to enjoy parenting again. Even the triggering parts!

One affirmation in particular, “I lovingly observe my reactions, thoughts, and emotions,” helped me in so many moments. I would silently repeat it to myself, take a breath, and respond mindfully instead of reacting. As I learned deeper self-awareness, I would recognize the ways that my triggers were reflections of my inner states of guilt and fear. Parenting presented me with so many opportunities to practice this!

Once, I was dropping my son off at a playdate, and he refused to speak to the mother of his friend. I felt embarrassed and angry. When I took time to reflect on my feelings, I realized that I was upset because I can be shy, and I don’t always love that about myself. I silently repeated the affirmation, “I love and accept myself for who I am.”

I love using affirmations to boost my energy and manifest my best self (including the best version of a mom that I can authentically be.) Saying affirmations usually uplifts me immediately, and the effects ripple throughout my life. When said with feeling, affirmations are energetic signals to the Universe to bring forth your ideal self. Your ideal Mom self, in this case.

While we may never be fully free of mom guilt and fear, we can learn to give it less power over us. We can learn to let our hearts lead the way, and we can observe the guilt and fear, like clouds floating in the sky, without letting them overtake us.

I no longer strive for perfection in parenting, but I do strive to learn and grow and love myself unconditionally. Modelling unconditional self-love is an amazing gift to give my children (I am not always perfect at it, but I forgive myself😊)

I’m so excited to offer you a free Affirmations for Moms Printable!

You can print out the ones that resonate with you, carry them in your purse for when you need a boost, or post them on your vision board, or around the house!

Live your Magickal Life 😊


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