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Call Your Power Back

We all become disempowered sometimes and for many reasons. It is a paradox because, in truth, your soul is always whole and can never be separated, but that is not our experience as humans on this Earth. Here, our power can be depleted, and our energy can be divided.

It may be that certain people or situations leave you feeling drained. Sometimes you may be energetically tied to a situation that you feel guilty or shameful about. Or, you may be very empathic, and the energy of others drastically affects you. (If this is true, check out my post on boundaries and energy protection.) When you are not true to yourself in any way, you become disempowered.

You may have heard the James Redfield quote, "Where attention goes, energy flows." This is literally true. If you are emotionally attached to something, and it's pulling your attention away, there is an energetic cord plugged into your energy system, draining you. These energetic ties take pieces of your spirit away from you.

I tend to lose my power when I become so worried about something that I feel like I can't face it. I use avoidance to deal with a problem because it feels so big that I feel powerless to solve it. When I am resisting, I focus on the problem and am attached to my feelings of powerlessness and inadequacy. I then remind myself to trust in the wisdom of the Universe and know that my intuition will guide me to a solution. When I stop resisting and avoiding, I end up where I need to be. I always find that what seemed like a problem was a nudge from the Universe to move me in the right direction.

Glennon Doyle says, "We can do hard things." Focusing on solutions and having the confidence to deal with problems calls your power back to you and away from a victim mentality. True empowerment includes trusting the Universe, The Spirit World, and Myself. I ask myself, "Am I staying in flow or resisting?"

When I KNOW that everything is happening at the right time, just as it should, to get me where I need to go, I am fully in my power. I take responsibility for my own life. When you take responsibility for your energy and your life, it does not mean you're alone. It just means you are willing to do what you feel is necessary. Asking for guidance and support from the physical and spirit worlds is essential.

You are most powerful in the here and now when you are whole. Only then can you be in the moment with your full awareness. This is why we must call our power back. While energy protection is essential, especially if you're sensitive, another integral part of energy work is learning to call in your power and energy regularly.

Here is the ritual I use to help call my energy back. I do this at least once per month, and I recommend you do too. Feel free to intuitively modify it if you’re called to.

Enjoy your Empowerment!

Live your Magical Life 😊


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