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Amy is a spiritual seeker who found herself in burnout after parenting her twin babies and caring for her ailing Mother. Her dark night of the soul culminated during the death of her Mother. Amy then found peace, purpose, and Magic by practicing Witchcraft and developing her mediumistic and psychic abilities.

She is a psychic medium who has completed mediumship development courses through The Oakbridges Institute and Arthur Findley College. She has participated in a comprehensive Mentorship program to develop her connection to her Spirit Guides. She has also completed the first three levels of the Temple of Witchcraft program.

Amy has an Honors BSc degree in Geology, with a joint minor in Physics and Mathematics. The unique blend of her scientific background and her natural ability to lead others through experiential techniques makes her the perfect person to lead Mothers to discover their inner guidance. She wants to normalize intuitive and psychic abilities and educate others about the Magical world in a grounded way.

Amy currently works at an outdoor Nordic Health Spa, where she leads group rituals and meditations. She also offers guided meditations and courses on her website. At her core, Amy is hopelessly optimistic. She feels a calling to be an encouraging leader and teacher in her personal and professional lives. She feels a deep kinship with the Earth and is at home among the wild places.

Live Your Magical Life 😊


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