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Magickal Manifestation

  • 4Weeks
  • 7Steps
Magickal Manifestation


The Magickal Manifestation Course includes: • 5 Video/Audio Lessons, delivered to your inbox throughout the month. You may also access them anytime during the month, on the course page. • Journaling Prompts, practices and Rituals to integrate the lessons. • eBook download, containing all the course material, yours to keep. • 10 Mini Rituals for Manifestation download. • Live Magick Circle (replay available). Course Content: Five-steps to manifesting your deepest desires: Step 1: Get super specific and detailed. Step 2: Identify your limiting beliefs! Step 3: Replace the old beliefs! Think it and feel it! Step 4: Keep that high vibe energy flowing with action! BE it! Step 5: Allow yourself to flow and receive!

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One Time Payment, CA$44


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