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Magickal Awakening

Discover the Wild Witch Within.

Do you want to awaken your Spirit and your passion for life?  

Do you want to claim your power and experience a profound connection with your Higher Self and your Intuition? Are you ready to leap into the Magickal Life of your dreams?


Are you unsure where to start?


I'm so happy you've found your way here!

Introducing Magickal Awakening, a six-month course and membership circle that paves the way to enhanced intuition and a deeper connection with your Spirit. I will teach you how to find your own path that leads you to the Magickal Life of your dreams. It is a Spiritual Awakening of the soul, where you become aware of a deeper part of yourself. It's an expansion beyond the mundane world.

 Try October, our first month, completely for free. Afterwards you will have the  opportunity to sign up on a month to month basis if you love it! Grab your free month here, no credit card required and no strings attached.


Eclectic Witchcraft heavily influences my methods. I bring inspiration from many different spiritual traditions to craft rituals and spells that manifest abundance and facilitate change in the physical world.

I will use a combination of lessons, exercises, meditations, journal prompts, rituals, and spells to guide you and help you integrate your energy.

In case we haven't met,

Hi, I'm Amy. I am a psychic, medium, and Witch. I didn't always believe in my abilities. Now, I'm deeply connected to my Spirit and my intuition. I want to normalize intuitive and psychic skills and educate others about the Magickal world.
I want everyone to know they can live their best, most Magickal lives too! I can't wait to share this incredible journey with you!
My approach is about bringing real, physical change to your life, not just abstract approaches.
My wish for everyone is that they get to create a Magickal life that aligns with their soul's purpose on Earth.

Are you ready to cross the bridge and ascend the spiral staircase,

To a new life?

A renewed feeling of enchantment awaits.

Click here to get a month free!

Envision a life  where you:

  • Trust your intuition.

  • Feel a deep connection to your Higher Self.

  • Are in harmony with your soul's purpose.

  • Experience a profound and lasting sense of joy and contentment.

  • Manifest Abundance  easily.

  • Embrace the enchantment of every moment.

  • Understand yourself, fully accept and Love Yourself  for exactly who you are.


Sign me up for free!

I'm Ready. When is it happening?

Each live circle will be on the last Thursday of the month at 10:00 PM AST (9:00 PM EST)

Mark these dates in your Calendar:
October 25 – Last day to sign up for October
October 19 – First lesson, self-care ritual, and journal prompts delivered to your inbox.
October 26 – 10:00 PM-11:00 PM AST First Magick Circle!

What is the Magick Circle?

While there is tons to learn about Magick and Spirituality, there are some things you can only learn by experiencing them. The Magick Circle is an opportunity to tune in to the Universal energy source and raise our frequency together. The Magick Circle is a virtual gathering, including a Sacred Magick Ritual, guided group activation/meditation, and channelled blessings from Spirit guides and the collective.

What's Included in the free month?

•    A lesson designed to facilitate your Spiritual development.
•    A Sacred self-care ritual delivered to your inbox.
•    Journal prompts that will guide you toward the correct path on your unique Magickal Awakening journey.
•    The Magick Circle (Live): Sacred Magick Ritual, guided group activation/meditation, and channelled blessings from Spirit guides and the collective. If you miss the live, you can watch the replay later!
•    Bonus: Membership in a private Facebook community, where we can chat; I will answer questions and provide recommendations.

In October, the journey begins with connection. Connection with each other, the Earth, the Universe, and most importantly, with yourself.

What's the price?

The first month (October) is completely FREE! No credit card is required.

If you love the free month, you can sign up at the end of October for $44/month, or a $199 one-time payment to sign up for all remaining 5 months (Save $25).

AND you can absolutely cancel at any time - just Email


Take the leap and embrace your true potential. Your magical journey starts now.

Ready to join?

Click here to begin your Transformation

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