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Meditation and Affirmations to Increase Intuition

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

Higher Self Meditation and Affirmations to Increase Intuition
Higher Self Meditation and Affirmations to Increase Intuition

I am always working on deepening my connection to my Higher Self and intuitive guidance. The combination of two methods has worked for me so well that I want to share it with you. These two methods are meditation and affirmations.


Set the intention to perceive clear messages from your Higher Self. I like to write affirmations in the present tense and repeat them daily for several weeks. I also make sure the wording is positive. For example, one of your affirmations could look like this:

"My intuition is strong."

Try not to use statements like, "My intuition is no longer weak," because that statement is putting emphasis on "weak," and it's much better to use words like "strong" instead.

When I started, I still had trouble believing that intuition was real. Therefore, I added "I believe" statements to my affirmations, like this:

"I believe that I receive intuitive messages from my Higher Self."

You can experiment and find affirmations that work for you. If you write them in the present tense and they focus on the positive, they will work.

Repeat these affirmations a few times every day with an open heart. Watch as the Universe conspires to prove this statement true. Keep believing, and the magical world will bloom before your eyes. There is so much more going on under the surface than we notice in everyday life. It will reveal itself with intention, time, and an open heart.

Meditation to connect to your Higher Self and deepen your intuition

You are not your body, your mind, or your emotions. Those things make up your being while you are here on Earth, but a deep, eternal part of you is connected to the whole Universe. If you are in touch with this part of yourself, you can gain access to intuitive information and guidance. A simple way to do this is to meditate. Here is a simple meditation designed to begin to get to know your true Self:

1. Repeat your affirmations and intend that you will be able to surrender your mind and emotions, put them aside, and spend time with your soul.

2. Relax your body completely.

3. Relax your mind. If you are having trouble relaxing your mind, try getting still and doing a brain dump onto paper before you meditate. Write out anything that's bothering you, tasks you need to complete, basically anything on your mind. Then intend to put these things aside for the short time you are meditating. I also like to intend that I will remember any details I need to remember after the meditation, and I make sure I have time to journal afterward, too.

4. Try to expand your awareness and intend to become aware of your Higher Self. It might feel like a spark or a stirring in your chest. It might feel like a presence of love. Try to relax and let it unfold naturally. Become aware of any sensations and feelings that you weren't feeling before. Spend this time (anywhere from 5-30 minutes) quietly with your spirit.

It may take several attempts at this mediation to start feeling anything, but that's okay. It takes time. Just keep practicing, and eventually, you will have profound experiences.

Enjoy the process.

Live Your Magical Life 😊


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