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Journaling Exercise - Connect to Your Higher Self

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

Connect to your intuition using journaling.

I highly recommend journaling. In the Artists Way, Julia Cameron talks about doing “Morning Pages” Morning Pages are basically spending some time each morning as soon as you get up to write three pages of anything and everything that’s on your mind. Even if you know the writing is terrible, you keep writing to get closer to your truth at the moment. I personally don’t think you have to do your journaling in the morning. I tend to journal at any time of day that works for me; I just make sure I do it.

Journalling helps me stay connected to myself and my intuition. Whenever I feel lost, I open my journal and start writing. I don't judge what I write; I just let things flow.

This journalling practice can also improve meditation by allowing thoughts to flow. You can practice this by acknowledging and accepting thoughts or emotions and letting them pass without judgment or attachment. Also, showing up for yourself by journalling tells your inner spirit that you care and are willing to do the work.

I think developing intuition is an art form. Everyone can discover how intuition comes naturally for them. I think we all have it already; some of us just need to learn to recognize and trust it. I don't know how you will find your intuitive sense. Only you will know. When it happens, trust it. Some people find Spirit Guides or Angels to help them. Some people feel sensations in their bodies and learn to interpret those signs. I hear the Wise Woman, especially when I am writing.

As I thought about times that my intuitive sense has been strongest, I realized that taking a test at school had often put me in an intuitive flow. I would get in a zone and answer questions correctly, even though I didn’t think I had ever known the answers before. I was a great written test taker, partly because I activate my intuition by writing.

I thought about the elements of a good testing situation; a quiet room at a desk, feeling relaxed, in my own space with just a pencil and paper. If I am having trouble resolving an issue now, I go to a quiet space, write down a question, and ask my Wise Woman (basically an older, wiser version of myself) what advice she would give me. I almost always get an insightful response. Connecting to the deeper inner voice comes from practice; it's not always super clear right away.

Try to think of the times in your life when you seemed to be in tune with a more profound sense. That could be a key to figuring out how to tap into your intuition. I think we have all experienced this; we just don't realize how magical it is.

How do you already use intuition?

Pick up your journal and brainstorm ways you may already be receiving intuitive information from your Higher Self. Check out this post on intuition to learn some common ways that people intuit information. Whether you know it or not, you are intuitive. We are all intuitive beings; it's part of being human.

I also love to journal to get to know myself better and try to connect with my higher self. Here are some prompts I have used:

1. Two things I am grateful for right now.

2. Two things that I would like to do.

3. Two things I would do if money were no object.

4. Two things I would do if I wouldn't feel judged.

Making lists like these is so fun, and it can open up your imagination to what you want to include in your magical life.

I looked at these lists to see if there was any overlap. If you're just getting to know yourself again, all of these things may not be exactly what you want to do, but there are clues here. There are little gems of information.

Aligning your spirit with your physical life takes time and much recalibrating as you go along. You won't constantly be tuned in, and that's okay. Some days emotions sabotage us, but they ask us to acknowledge them so we can move past them and not remain stuck. Media, social media, advertisements, books, and tv shows influence us all the time. If these things do their job, they affect our emotions and make us think we want stuff we don't really want. We also have past beliefs, thought patterns and negative emotions. Journalling can help you see through all this to your clear intuition and what your soul desires.

Live Your Magical Life 😊


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