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Universal Flow and Life Force

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

Manifesting basically means bringing something into your life that wasn't there before. It means creatively expressing something into physical form. To achieve this, you work together with the Universal flow of Magic. This is the creative life force underpinning all things in the Universe. It is an energetic flow state.

For example, we can rearrange paint and a canvas into a painting. If we are in the creative flow, the Universal Magic can come in, inspire, and guide us in our creation. Getting into a creative flow, or the "zone," is how we, as physical beings, can tune into the creative flow of Magic. It's one way we can communicate with the Universal flow of energy and information, but it's usually not in words. It's in feeling, signs, flashes of inspiration, and joy.

Every material thing in this world is really just vibrating energy. That energy is never created; it's just rearranged into different configurations as we make new things. The Magical Creative flow is also what the Universe uses to rearrange and create. For example, when a plant is growing, the minerals from the soil, the carbon from the air, the water, and the energy from the sun all rearrange into a new plant.

If you want to co-create with the Universe, you have to take action. You have to prep the soil, pull the weeds, plant the seed, water it, and make sure it has the right amount of light. Then you have to let go. You have to surrender. The creative life force takes over and brings that plant into form. You do what you can, then let the Magic do its work.

By creating what we feel compelled to create, we allow our truth to be expressed and grow. We find the flow by unapologetically doing what we love to do and living the lives of our most intimate dreams.

When you are really in the Magical flow of the Universe, you are creating something true to yourself. As a result, things manifest more easily, and life feels exciting.

Surrender your vision to the Universal life force and watch it grow.

Enjoy your life in the moment, in the flow.

Live Your Magical Life 😊


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