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Manifesting in the Magical Garden Part 2

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

Manifesting basically means bringing something into your life that wasn't there before. It means creatively expressing something into physical form. To achieve this, you work together with the Universal flow of Magic. For example, we can rearrange paint and a canvas into a painting. If we are in the creative flow, the Universal Magic can come in, inspire, and guide us in our creation. Getting into a creative flow, or the "zone," is how we, as physical beings, can tune into the creative flow of Magic. It's one way we can communicate with the Universal flow of energy and information, but it's usually not in words. It's in feeling, signs, flashes of inspiration, and joy.

Every material thing in this world is really just vibrating energy. That energy is never created; it's just rearranged into different configurations as we make new things. The Magical Creative flow is also what the Universe uses to rearrange and create. For example, when a plant is growing, the minerals from the soil, the carbon from the air, the water, and the energy from the sun all rearrange into a new plant.

If you want to co-create with the Universe, you have to take action. You have to prep the soil, pull the weeds, plant the seed, water it, and make sure it has the right amount of light. Then you have to let go. You have to surrender. The Universal flow of Magic takes over and brings that plant into form. You do what you can, then let the Magic do its work.

How do we do it? We practice. By creating what we feel compelled to create, we allow our truth to be expressed and grow. We find the flow by unapologetically doing what we love to do and living the lives of our most intimate dreams.

When you are really in the Magical flow of the Universe, you are creating something true to yourself. As a result, things manifest more easily, and life feels exciting.

You can look at manifestation in a practical way. By writing out your ideal life, or creating a vision board, you tell your brain to focus on certain things. If you do not set these intentions, you will be much more likely to miss the opportunities to manifest your goal. If you believe you can and will achieve something, the chances are a lot higher that you will. You will find a way.

I didn't start on this journey believing in manifestation. It sounded too unscientific and too good to be true. But then, a couple of years ago, I was listening to the audiobook The Universe Has Your Back by Gabrielle (Gabby) Bernstein. I was very skeptical at the time, then some "coincidences" made me wonder if there might be something to it.

One of the coincidences happened after I listened to a few chapters, while driving to get groceries. In the book, Gabby tells a story about how she looked for a sign to guide her while she was buying a house. The sign she chose was an owl. When I got home later that day, I was loading the dishwasher at the kitchen window; I looked out, and in an old tree behind my house was an owl. I had never seen an owl around here before, and I have never seen one since. Seeing that sign made me feel secure and supported in the Universe. It was like looking up at the stars on a clear night, in awe and wonder, with the sense that there are things much bigger than myself, but that I am part of it, too.

At the time, I decided to make a new vision board, and I wrote down the things I wanted to manifest. My vision board included a picture of a camper trailer, some home office inspiration, writers that I admired, and a picture of having coffee with friends.

I wrote out my ideal life, posted that on my wall, and repeated it to myself every day. I thought of it as a Magical incantation that was going out into the Universe, and trying to come back to me in physical form.

I also sketched out a picture of my ideal office. I am now sitting in an office very similar to what I planned. It came together slowly over the last couple of years. My partner gave me the desk. The plants were gifted to me. On Pinterest, I had pinned a picture of a room, with an amazing poster on the wall. I went out for coffee with friends, and the exact poster was for sale at the coffee shop for $7.50. I bought it and put it up.

One of my biggest goals was to spend more time writing. I manifested a life where I get to do that. I took a job that allows me to have mornings free to write, and then get paid while being with my kids in the afternoons.

The camper trailer had been on my wish list for years. Last year, I looked at my budget and went to a trailer dealership with my price and criteria. The lady who worked there told me that I would never get what I wanted for the price I wanted to pay. Two days later, the exact trailer popped up on my local buy and sell for my exact price. I picked it up the next day.

These things, and more, manifested for me and have brought me closer to my ideal life, but I have realized something else. Sometimes, I get what I want and I still don't feel fulfilled. That's because it wasn't the physical thing that I craved after all. I was actually looking for something deeper. I thought that having a material thing would automatically make me have a feeling. Having things and money is not a bad thing, but they won't solve your innermost problems or fulfill your innermost desires. It wasn't any of the material things that I actually wanted, it was the feeling underneath them. The material things were just representations.

The trailer represented my need to spend more time in nature, and more time with my family. Just owning the trailer didn’t fulfill the need, I still had to take action, and use it to spend time in nature, with my family.

The office illustrated my need to express myself through writing. Just having the office does nothing, writing everyday does.

The specific need for coffee with friends represented my need for connection. It’s not really about having friends, or coffee, it’s connecting with others on a deeper level.

The point is, having material things, or achieving physical goals doesn’t automatically create the life you want. Physical things can be an opportunities for you to have a desired feeling. You have to be present and active in the experience. Take the time to enjoy the things that you grow.

Steps you can take:

Think back on your life and look for any events or people that came at just the right time. Think about any big coincidences that helped you on your path. Now, think about how you perceived it. Did you brush it off? Try looking at these experiences differently. You can choose to use them as reasons to believe that manifesting works in your life, through synchronicities.

Create a vision board. Mine is a collage of images and words representing the things and feelings I want in my life.

Surrender your vision to the Universe.

Enjoy your life in the moment, with gratitude.

Live Your Magical Life 😊


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