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Moon Magick

Updated: Apr 15, 2023

I love using the cycles of Nature to help with my Magick (I have started using magick with a "K" here, as many Witches do to differentiate themselves from stage magicians). The cycles of death and rebirth flow to create, destroy, rebuild and create again. That's how I think of my life too. It's a work in progress. I'm constantly releasing and manifesting new aspects into my life, both material and ethereal. As above, so below, the cycles of Nature also flow in my body and energy systems.

One of the natural cycles I like to honour is the moon's monthly cycle. Full and waxing moons correspond to manifesting and calling things in. The waning or fading moon seems ideal for releasing or banishing. Not everyone agrees with this, but it resonates with me, and this is how I use moon magick.

In the past, I've made moon water, charged crystals under the full moon, written out specific manifesting spells and burned them under the moon. I've also done lovely manifesting meditations on the beach with my little coven, where I've had some profound internal experiences. I meditate all of the time, but full moon meditations, in Nature, are some of the most intense I have experienced.

Once, on an exceptionally bright full moon in October, I was meditating on receiving clearer messages from my guides. I sat under the full moon's glow and closed my eyes to meditate. I could immediately feel vibration rushing through my body. My mind was clear and open. The world around me was humming, beating, being. I felt at peace. As one. Together. The rocks behind me were there but not there. They were solid but humming with life. The rock also embodied the same spirit that I embodied, and together we ebbed and flowed with the waves on the beach.

I was experiencing all this from within my body, but I could look at it as the observer. In my mind's eye, I could see myself on the liminal shoreline, receiving and transmitting energy. "I am ready to receive. I am ready to receive," I thought. They answered in silence and a feeling of knowing in my heart and gut. I felt the presence of the Wise Witch beside me. She had always been there, shrouded only by my fears and insecurities. After that full moon, I spent the waning period focusing on releasing these fears.

This full moon, I'm making a psychic potion. I've been working on enhancing my psychic abilities for quite some time. It's a long process of development that I don't think ever ends. I am continually improving my relationship with spirit and my psychic and mediumistic abilities. I take classes, practice, meditate, and intend to improve. This potion is from the Outer Temple of Witchcraft book, the second book in the Temple of Witchcraft series. I have worked very little with potions. Any herbal magic I have used before has generally been in cooking or teas. Potions, to me, have seemed like a less concrete magick somehow, but I do believe they work. So, I am expanding my Witchy abilities and mixing up a psychic potion. I have a scientific mind, so I like to measure my results. I've imbued this potion with a particular psychic request to gain specific information. This way, the results are more measurable than if I only wanted to improve my abilities in general.

To make the potion, I went to my local spiritual store and bought vervain and a piece of moonstone.

I already had the salt, pumpkin seeds and silver jewelry. My friend and her cat were nice enough to gift me some black cat hair. The rest of the ingredients I was able to get at the regular grocery store.

The potion is mixed and strained under the full Moon, and then it's ready to use to anoint myself to increase my psychic abilities.

Maybe one day, I'll have a whole apothecary full of herbs and magickal instruments for potion-making. For now, a few jars and bottles will suffice.

I'll keep you posted.

Live Your Magical Life 😊


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