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Pulling the Weeds and Sowing New Seeds

Updated: May 29, 2021

I want to live my life like a Witch who wields her power unapologetically. The reality is, I have spent most of my life in fear. To me, this Magical adventure is a journey out of fear and self-doubt into Love, Power, and Magic. I have learned to clear my old patterns, set intentions, and let new things grow. The Universe works with me to do the planting, and I get to enjoy the harvest and the bounty and share it with others.

If you want to create the Magical life of your dreams, you have to start with creating new patterns of thought and emotion. It starts inside. Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world. You repeat patterns in your mind; you repeat patterns in your life. It's the Magic of life, and we can harness and wield it.

Near the beginning of this journey, I read some books that helped me to see that some of my problems and negative feelings came from my mind. The Untethered Soul and The Power of Now helped open my awareness of how my mind was controlling me. I started to examine myself more deeply, simply by staying present and aware of what was going on in my mind throughout the day, and journaling about it.

As I started being more aware of myself, I tried to define the parts of myself that I could sense. I know that, in psychology, there are different models of the parts of self, but the terminology I use is just what came naturally to me. These concepts are also constantly evolving as I continue to grow.

What parts of myself can I identify?

The Eternal Source - The Universe.

The Deepest Me - My Soul.

Wise Woman – My intuitive voice and guide. She speaks to the eternal source and interprets messages into words that I can understand.

Energy Body – It includes emotions, power, intuitive senses, and it responds to thoughts.

Physical Body – It includes feelings and intuitive senses, and it responds to thoughts.

Higher mind – It is useful for pondering but terrible at making decisions - it will just circle around endlessly.

Lower mind – It includes the ego, fear, limiting beliefs, shame, guilt, and doubt. The lower mind is good at running programming and looking out for my survival. I think of this part of the mind as being under a Spell.

I was determined to tame the lower mind and live authentically, with the Wise Woman as my guide. I wanted to hone my intuition. I used to think that the mind held intuition, but the problem was, I was way too in my head about everything. In your head, you can keep questioning things forever, and never get to any conclusion.

I think developing intuition is an art form. Everyone can discover how intuition comes naturally for them. I think we all have it already; some of us just need to learn to recognize and trust it. I don't know how you will find your intuitive sense. Only you will know. When it happens, trust it. Some people find Spirit Guides or Angels to help them. Some people feel sensations in their bodies and learn to interpret those signs. I hear the Wise Woman, especially when I am writing.

As I thought about times that my intuitive sense has been strongest, I realized that taking a test at school had often put me in an intuitive flow. I would get in a zone and answer questions correctly, even though I didn’t think I had ever known the answers before. I was a great written test taker, partly because I activate my intuition by writing.

I thought about the elements of a good testing situation; a quiet room at a desk, feeling relaxed, in my own space with just a pencil and paper. If I am having trouble resolving an issue now, I go to a quiet space, write down a question, and ask my Wise Woman (basically an older, wiser version of myself) what advice she would give me. I almost always get an insightful response. Connecting to the deeper inner voice comes from practice; it's not always super clear right away.

Try to think of the times in your life when you seemed to be in tune with a more profound sense. That could be a key to figuring out how to tap into your intuition. I think we have all experienced this; we just don't realize how magical it is.

Once I had connected with the Wise Woman, I had an even more genuine sense of my deep values and desires. Then, I worked at replacing my ego-based, mind-centred choices with choices that align with her values and desires.

When figuring out what to do next, I always start with a dream or a goal about something that I want to create. I set my intention and invite my intuitive voice. I stay open, committed, and curious. I trust and believe, and I do what feels the most right and true.

Although I start with a goal, I have found that part of trusting your intuition is living in the certainty that it is guiding you to your highest good, and then surrendering. Surrendering is not passive; my actions are guided by something higher than myself.

Just go with it. Be flexible. Flow with the Universe, wherever it takes you.

Once you start getting into the flow of the Universe, inevitably, limiting beliefs and fears will come to try and stop you. Changing your thoughts is Magical, and you have total power to do it through ritual and routine. Your lower mind loves to operate under a programmed Spell, and that programming bubbles up throughout your whole life. I woke up to the Spell I was under. For me, that Spell included a lot of very mean things about myself. The Spell said I was guilty, unworthy, and not good enough. I have been clearing out those old Spells and replacing them with better ones.

I have adapted the practice of writing out my limiting beliefs on slips of paper and burning them to release them. When I write them out, I hold each one and notice any attached feelings that need to be released, and I allow myself to feel them for a moment before letting them go. I write out a new belief to replace the old, which is usually just the opposite. The new incantation becomes something like, I am worthy of love and respect. I post this incantation with my Current Magical Spell, and I read it every day with strong, positive feelings. It's slow Magic, this clearing and spell casting, but it is so worth it.

I encourage you to adopt any rituals that feel good to you. Find space and time to practice your rituals. You are setting new energy in motion to fill in the places you have cleared. It's powerful Magic.

I have come to realize that the voice of fear will be there no matter what. It is an instinctual part of humans that is there to try and keep us safe. The problem is, some of its biggest worries are no real threat. It worries about what others think of us, and that we will look foolish. In her book, Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert talks about how fear and creativity have to co-exist. I think she is right. Fear will always be part of you, so instead of resisting it, make friends with it. It is always with you, but it is not allowed to make the decisions. Now, if I feel afraid to do something, I listen. Is it lower mind fear taking the lead here? If so, I politely tell it to let the grown-ups handle things.

As you clear out the old energy that no longer serves you, and lovingly release it, and as you invite in higher energies and the things that serve your highest good. It's like preparing fertile ground for the new seeds to grow, whatever they may be.

Live your Magical life 😊


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