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Ritual: Calling Energy Back

When I was working with a spiritual mentor, I learned to call my energy back. There are versions of this exercise and similar visualizations in several books, including Psychic Witch by Matt Auryn.

As I practiced regularly calling my energy back, I soon realized I could call back particular aspects of my energy that I needed at any given time. I sometimes call in my power, courage, faith, happiness, confidence, or financial abundance.

Whenever I do any channelling or energy work, I invite my Spirit Guides and Helpers to be with me. I ask them to please come forward and work with me with conviction and the belief that the right guide will be there at the right time. I think of these times as partnering with the world beyond the veil, to do work that benefits all of us on both sides of the veil.


A candle

A piece of paper and a pen

A crystal that feels powerful for you. Some minerals that I've used include amethyst, calcite, emerald, labradorite, quartz, and kyanite.


Sit comfortably with your back straight and your feet grounded. Hold your crystal in your hands, or place it before you.

Light the candle and take a few deep breaths to center yourself. Allow yourself to relax and let go of anything not in the moment with you. Imagine you are setting everything else down; anything that's been on your mind, leave it here. You can always come back and get it later.

Take a moment to reflect on the energy that you wish to call back. It could be your personal energy that you feel has been scattered or depleted, or it could be a specific quality or attribute you want to cultivate more of in your life, such as courage, joy, or creativity.

When ready, take the paper and pen, and write your intention clearly and succinctly. For example, "I call back my energy to be fully present in my body and my life," or "I call back the energy of love and compassion to flow through me freely."

Hold the paper and visualize the energy you call back as a bright, vibrant light. See this light flowing from the universe through your crown chakra at the top of your head, filling your entire body with brilliance.

Breathe the energy in with each breath, and visualize roots coming down from your root chakra into the Earth. Feel the power rooted in the Earth.

As you hold this visualization, repeat your intention aloud three times with conviction and clarity. Feel the energy building within you, and know you are reclaiming it with your intention and power.

When ready, fold the paper and place it before the lit candle. Take a moment to express your gratitude to the universe, your higher self, or any other spiritual beings or deities that you resonate with for assisting you in this process.

Sit quietly for a few more moments, feeling the energy you have called back integrating within you. Notice any sensations or insights that arise, and take time to write them down.

When you are ready to close the ritual, blow out the candle and take a few deep breaths. Thank yourself for taking the time to call back your energy and reaffirm your intention to embody it in your daily life.

Over the next few hours or days, you may experience shifts or changes in your energy. Be gentle with yourself and allow the power to settle. You can repeat this ritual as often as you feel called to continue to call back and integrate your energy into your life.

Live your Magical Life 😊


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