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Spirit Guide Connection

Updated: Aug 19, 2023

Spirit Guides are here to help us with different aspects of our lives. I personally feel the presence of a particular guide when I'm doing mediumship, another when I need courage, a third when I need healing, a writer, and a protector Spirit Guide. I feel certain entities at different locations around my body, and I know which one they are by how and where I feel them. My mediumship helper is near my right temple, and I feel my writing helper near my throat.

Building relationships with my Spirit Guides has been a gradual process that took time, effort, and commitment. With a willingness to learn and grow, you can build the bridge of communication with your own Spirit Guides. Learning to communicate is mostly about letting go of the things blocking communication.

The first step is to let go of skepticism or disbelief. Affirm to yourself that you are open to receiving and believing in their presence. They will find a way to communicate with you if you are open and receptive. Just know they are there and acknowledge them.

The second step is letting go of fear. Most of us have had times when we felt guided or helped by forces beyond the physical world. Sometimes we may try to rationalize these experiences because the unknown can feel scary. The truth is there is nothing to fear. I have only ever felt the most loving energy imaginable from Spirit. Any trepidation I've had comes from my Ego, other people, or scary movies. For a while, when I was first trying to connect with my Spirit Guides, I used a phrase from Gabrielle Bernstein's book, The Universe has your Back. Gabby says to invite the Spirit Guides of the "highest truth and compassion" to guide you. Saying this made me feel more comfortable with the process at first.

When I connect with my Guides, I first take a few minutes to connect with my own Spirit. I close my eyes in the dark and silently listen to my inner world. I listen to whatever part of me wants to talk. Often, my mind stays active, and I listen. Sometimes, my heart is heavy, and I feel into it. I just be. I do nothing.

If I am connecting with my guides, it is very much the same. The difference is I reach out further with my awareness. Instead of just feeling my presence and the emotions close to my heart, I feel the presence of different Spirits around me. Each Spirit has its unique essence. It's like an energetic personality. And more than that, it's how each Spirit makes me feel.

Different methods to connect with your Spirit Guides include meditation, visualization, automatic writing, and dream work. I suggest starting with closing your eyes in silence for a few minutes, then inviting them in. Silently or aloud, you could say, "I am open to guidance and support from my Guides of the highest truth and compassion." Feel around you. Where do you feel a presence? Can you sense any "energetic personalities" around you? Lean into the feelings. Try to visualize your guides and helpers with you. Whatever images come, accept them.

Take some time afterwards to journal, and repeat this connection process as often as possible. Take note of any signs or synchronicities that come to you in the following days. As you build relationships with them, your Spirit helpers will show up more frequently.

Live your Magical Life 😊


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