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Intuition, Psychism, and Symbolism

Updated: Aug 19, 2023


The physical world is encoded energy. Our bodies are vibrating atoms that are rearranged and recycled all the time. The physical world is a constantly changing river that flows in energy fields, but this is not how we perceive it. These energies have physical representations, and these are the things that we can see and measure with our five senses.

The physical world is a reflection (or symbol) of a more profound energetic realm that we can't see directly with our human eyes. We can learn to perceive deeper meaning through intuition, psychism, and mediumship. Messages can come through channels such as feelings, flashes of insight, signs and symbols. For example, because we are all interconnected energetically, we can sense the energy of others. If I walk into a room, I can immediately tell if the "vibe" is tense or relaxed.

Sensitivity to the unseen world can be triggered by external events that cause us to feel powerless, such as loss. Sometimes, in suffering, we allow ourselves to open to the possibility that a world exists beyond the veil.

When my mother unexpectedly died, I was so broken by grief that my worldview crumbled. I had no choice but to radically believe that all of this had a deeper meaning. The only alternative would have been to stay in anguish and confusion.

Since I was in crisis, I let myself truly believe in a higher power, and that belief was the key to unlocking this world for me.

My grief allowed me to break through my fear faster than I otherwise would have. It turned me into a seeker, and in that state of anticipation, I was open enough to receive intuitive and psychic messages.

You don't have to have a crisis to get into that receptive state. The journey to heightened intuition and spiritual awareness is a little different for all of us, so it can take some detective work to figure out how your abilities work best. Familiarizing yourself with the clairs and determining which works best for you can help.

Seeing the world beyond the veil with our limited human senses often involves interpreting symbolism. Spirit's symbolic messages, or nods, could be Synchronicities, images, dreams, or feelings. Spirit can rarely get the message across the veil in the form of clear words (although that can happen). Knowing yourself and your bias is also important because we see our world through a lens determining how we understand it.

Over time, you become familiar with symbols that are meaningful to you. Some psychics and mediums call it their "dictionary." For example, in my mediumship work, I often see a calm ocean at sunset, giving me peace. Spirits will often want to convey to their loved ones that they are at peace, and this is how it comes through to me. When I tell the loved one that their person is at peace, they always say they have wondered about that, and there are often tears of relief. This is a widespread worry for living people, so it is common for loved ones on the other side to try to reassure us and comfort us.

Try opening yourself up to the possibility of symbolic messages throughout your day, and see what you pick up!

Live your Magical Life 😊


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