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Let Your Emotions Flow

Release trapped emotions
Release trapped emotions

I just finished reading Be Feel Think Do by Anne Berube, which resonated with me on many levels. In the chapter “Gateway to the Soul,” she writes about how the body is very efficient at processing emotions. It gently reminded me that I tend to intellectualize my feelings instead of feeling them. It reminded me to let my body process emotions instead of always trying to figure them out with my mind. The way back to my true self includes my body and my feelings. When I stop fighting my feelings and allow myself to feel, my body can finally process them and release the trapped emotions.

Not allowing myself to feel undesirable emotions has caused those emotions to stay trapped in my body. This blocks the flow of energy. It also stops me from experiencing desirable emotions, like happiness and love. Both pain and joy are essential parts of the human experience.

Emotions are energy in motion. If they can flow, the body acts as a great receiver and transmitter of energy. Allowing the energy to flow allows me to receive intuitive, psychic, and mediumistic information. Many people experience intuitive nudges in their bodies (like gut feelings), just as many mediums feel messages as sensations on or in their bodies.

Developing my mediumship abilities has taught me how important it is to stay in my body, in the moment. I have been taught to notice what I am sensing, describe it, and let it go. I have learned how to open myself up to sensing the energies around me in a controlled and grounded way.

In mediumship, we often do a specific meditation called sitting in the power. While doing a group sitting in the power meditation recently, I tuned into a more profound feeling of love than I had ever experienced. Before, I had always focused on the center of my heart and tried to feel love. This time, I asked my heart to reveal the feeling of love. I opened my heart and intended to allow love to flow instead of trying to force it. I felt the love, not just in my heart area but in the space around and above my heart as well. It was an energizing feeling. I felt like I could fly. I felt like I was madly in love with my life.

The effect of this was so beautiful and lasting that I developed a Self-Love Meditation to stay connected to my heart.

The next time you have an emotion, pause and locate where you feel that emotion in your body. Allow it to flow without judgment, and see where it takes you. See how it feels to release the trapped emotions. Don’t forget to journal it out after.

Live your Magical life 😊


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