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What is a Spiritual Awakening?

Updated: May 1, 2023

Spiritual Awakening is a process that usually doesn't happen all at once. To me, awakening means that little by little, I can let go of identifying with my thoughts and emotions, and instead see my life from the perspective of my soul. I can paradoxically look at my life as an observer of it while also fully experiencing how the present moment feels in my body.

Generally, when you awaken, there is first a period of suffering (referred to as "The dark night of the soul"). This suffering usually causes a person to question their current life. This questioning period leads to exploration about oneself and life, which opens new perspectives or ways of thinking.

Integrating these perspectives leads the person to find new ways of being. Integrating can take time. You can't rush it. You can learn spiritual concepts as quickly as you want to, but energy can take time to recalibrate. The information must shift from a learned idea into a more profound experience.

These steps are cyclical and can occur on large or small scales. I've cycled through learning/integrating/embodying many times with different aspects of spirituality. Each time I eventually experienced the lesson on a deep level.

For example, I recently did a meditation intended to help me gain more confidence. The next day I became aware of a deep, previously unconscious pattern of thought that was telling me, "Whoa, don't get too impressed with yourself. You don't want to be full of yourself. Remember, you suck."

Lol. I do want to be full of myself. I want to live my life to its fullest potential, unapologetically. That old thought pattern I hadn't even recognized was sabotaging my confidence. I now notice if that thought pattern starts, stop it and choose again. Now I tell myself instead, "Yes, you are awesome, you can do anything, and you are capable and deserving of everything you desire."

To me, this is an example of a "mini awakening." In response to my suffering with a lack of confidence, I brought light to my issue by meditating on it. Ultimately, the Universe helped me awaken to it so I could rise above and live a more spiritually aligned life.

Some awakenings are a little more dramatic, and I have had those too. After my mother passed, for example, I was suffering. I questioned the nature of life and death, leading me to a Medium. Her reading opened my eyes to the fact that life after death was real. After processing those events, I now live with the absolute belief that life goes on after physical death.

Rarely, some people experience a very dramatic, sudden awakening, Like Eckhart Tolle. In his book, The Power of Now, he talks about how he went, almost instantaneously, from being suicidal to fully awakened. As a conscious, spiritual being, he experiences the world's magic and wonders at every turn, as if seeing everything for the first time. He can just be without resistance to the moment, attachment to the past, or worrying about the future.

In The Power of Now and A New Earth, Eckhart also talks about the collective shift in consciousness that is taking place on Earth right now. I believe that we are collectively waking up. As someone who used to be anxious and identified entirely with my habitual thought patterns and insecurities, I have experienced this shift firsthand.

My Spiritual Awakening has brought me to Witchcraft, Mediumship, and Spirit Guide communication. Everyone will experience their awakening in their own way. That's the beauty of this journey. It also means that for most of us, it takes time and trial and error. I believe that even every error is a valuable lesson that brings us closer to ourselves. Go out, error, fail, try, and see the beauty of it all, in the moment. That's the point.

Live Your Magical Life 😊


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