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My Spiritual Awakening - A Magical Adventure

Updated: May 10, 2023

Let's go on a Magical adventure together. Let's learn how to live in a state of connection, love, purpose, and power. I've been on an incredible journey of spiritual awakening, and I've rediscovered my Magic. I hope it inspires you to look for yours too.

My story centers around deep inner reflection, contemplation, and growth. It is a re-discovery of my inner spark; I've learned it's already inside, waiting to be uncovered. As we wake up to our true selves, we can nurture the things that matter most. That's where we can each make our most significant difference in the world by being more ourselves.

Looking back, I've been on this journey for a long time. I've read self-help books since they were introduced to me by Oprah when I was a teen. Also, when I was thirteen, my Aunt told me about the book The Celestine Prophecy. I read it with awe, wonder, and recognition, and my love affair with Spirituality began. I was intrigued and sometimes believed in a deeper universe, but I never really did. Maybe, I thought, these spiritual authors imagine things, or perhaps they have a connection that I don't have. Most of the time, I thought of myself as an atheist who, paradoxically, reads many spiritual books.

Several years ago, I was in a pretty bad place. There was no Magic in my life. I probably seemed to have it together to some people, but I was a mess under my façade. I was depressed, anxious, addicted to drugs and alcohol, and engaging in unhealthy relationships. I was having what I now believe was a period of darkness before my spiritual awakening, called "the dark night of the soul."

I had been reading Deepak Chopra quite a lot, too. Deepak said that we are not our minds or bodies; we are the observer of the mind's thoughts and the feelings of the body. I started to become aware of the truth that I am not my body or my mind. One night I had a profoundly spiritual experience while meditating. At the time, it scared me. I wasn't willing to believe it was real, so I found a way to rationalize it.

I continued to push down my feelings and be anxious and depressed for several years until I decided to take a deep look inside. I was at the point where I didn't want to spend one more day feeling lost, powerless, or afraid. As soon as I committed, the teachers, friends, and situations showed up to help me on my way.

I chose to remain open and see where it would take me, and it has taken me far. I was committed to suspending my doubts and exploring what was possible. I choose to believe. I will have beliefs either way, so I prefer ones that make me feel good.

I used to scoff at the use of crystals for spiritual practice. Now I am sitting here, awash in the pinkish glow that only a Himalayan salt lamp can produce. I have a tarot deck, an oracle deck, numerous candles, crystals, an inner-child collage, and a vision board on my desk.

I am not claiming to be fully enlightened. I don't think that even exists. I am still on my journey of spiritual awakening. On this journey, I am constantly improving and feeling measurably better. It is exciting. I am closer to who I am at my core.

Some things I explore on this journey are:

If you're interested in finding out about my journey in more detail, please check out the rest of my posts.

Live Your Magical Life 😊


Spiritual Awakening
Spiritual Awakening

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