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Awakening in the Magical Garden

Thanks for coming to join me on this Magical adventure that we call life 😊

Sometimes I imagine my life like a garden. It’s like I have this incredible plot of land that is just mine, and I can do whatever I want with it. I slowly became aware that I was letting things grow that I didn’t like, and I ignored the things I loved; I was not even taking time to enjoy them. I realized that I could be growing anything I wanted if I worked toward it, and I was letting that opportunity slip through my fingers. I decided to take up my power as the steward of my life and stand in it, as the co-creator and the Wise, Witchy Woman I am. I decided no one else was going to tell me how my garden should look. Once I realized this, I had to take a long look around at the state I found myself in. I wanted my outer life to align with my inner truth. I just wasn’t sure what that inner truth was.

If you take the time to get to know yourself, you will see that the magical flow of the Universe lives in you. Finding your purpose, at first, is about circling around so you can get closer to your truth. At first, it’s a process that feels like climbing a spiral staircase.

I’ve outlined the first steps that I took on that staircase. Feel free to try them too.

1. Answer the following questions.

I have this life, in this body, in the here and now. What do I want to do with this gift?

What inspires me?

What do I enjoy?

What have I enjoyed in the past?

The first step I took was just writing down everything that comes to mind in answer to these types of questions. It is essential that you do not judge anything that you write.

Now you have identified some starting points. Keep this list because you can use it to dig deeper in the following posts about overcoming what is holding you back.

2. Get a notebook and start journaling every day.

I highly recommend journaling. In the Artists Way, Julia Cameron talks about doing “Morning Pages” Morning Pages are basically spending some time each morning as soon as you get up to write three pages of anything and everything that’s on your mind. Even if you know the writing is terrible, you keep writing to get closer to your truth at the moment. I found it helpful in part because, over time, it shows you the thought patterns in which you continually engage.

I personally don’t think you have to do your journaling in the morning. I tend to journal at any time of day that works for me; I just make sure I do it.

3. Meditate every day.

You can find guided meditations online, or you can just sit quietly, relax, and try focusing on one thing. It can be your breath. You can count your breaths. Whatever works—experiment with what you like. When thoughts come in, gently recognize them and refocus. Meditating helps with noticing what is going on in your mind and what habitual thoughts and emotions you experience regularly. When you meditate, you clear the mind. If you are just beginning, you can note the thoughts that come and lovingly let them go. It’s alright; you can let them go 😊

By practicing meditation and other techniques that I will put in later posts, I got to know myself on a deeper level. I can feel the eternal part of me that is not my emotions or thoughts. I have learned to observe my thoughts and feelings without being tangled up with them. They are not me; they are just transitory experiences. It was a combination of meditating and journaling that helped me figure out my current state.

4. Invite the Universe to show you the way.

It starts with an invitation to the Universal force to let it know that you are willing to work with it and co-create your life consciously.

I have my own incantation that I say daily. Feel free to write your own or use mine, whatever feels right to you. Here’s mine:

Thank you, Universe, and the Wise Woman inside, for guiding me today and every day. Inspiration, please come to me, and I will be receptive to you. I will let the creative force flow Magically through my life. Thank You.

Incantation is powerful. As you read yours, try to really feel it. Notice any doubts that come up in your mind. Write them down to examine later.

Once you tell yourself and the Universe that you are open and ready to learn and receive, the right teachers and tools will come.

5. Commit, fully, to putting skepticism aside.

This was really, really difficult for me. I was holding on to fear and doubt. There are deeper ways of working on clearing out fear and doubt that you can find here. For now, even if it’s just as an experiment, commit to putting doubt aside.

If it feels right to you, you can start this part of your journey with a commitment contract. Here is my example:

I, Amy Noftle, commit to remaining open and believing that the Universe is guiding me and assisting me in moving toward my best life.

Since daily journaling and meditating may be new to you, I recommend putting them in your calendar, so you don’t forget. You don’t have to spend a lot of time at first, ten minutes meditating and ten minutes journaling would work if you are short on time. Just get started.

I always have a sheet of paper posted on the wall beside my desk that tells me everything I want to focus on at the time. I call it the Current Magic Spell. At this point in my journey, my Magic Spell would have looked like this:

Current Magic Spell

Every day:

Meditate for at least ten minutes.

Journal for at least ten minutes.

Incantation: Read my invitation to the Universe and my commitment contract.

It doesn’t matter what order you do these things in, but I would definitely suggest implementing them all for a few days before moving on to the next step: Pulling up the weeds.

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