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How to Manifest in the Magical Garden of Life

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

Life is Magical. You create things all the time. You affect and change the world daily, whether you want to or not. You are a Magical being. You are growing and evolving, and so is your enchanted garden – your life on this Earth.

Learning how to manifest the life of your dreams is a step in your spiritual evolution because it means you are taking your power back. When you believe you can live life on your terms, it takes you away from a victim mentality and into empowerment.

You can think of your goals as spells that you cast into the universe. Focus your intention, energy, and belief in these spells to manifest your dreams.

What is Manifestation?

If you have heard about manifestation, you've probably heard of the book, The Secret. The simple premise of The Secret is that all you have to do to manifest anything is ask, believe, and receive.

How to know what to manifest:

My ultimate goal is to manifest a life aligned with my deepest, most authentic desires. I first had to connect with my intuition (my inner guidance) to do this.

How to Manifest - How to Ask:

To manifest, you have to intend that your goals come to pass. I prefer to Intend instead of Ask because the best way to ask for what you want from the Universe is to transmit the vibration you would feel if you already had what you want. The Universe brings you more of what you already have, so if you spend a lot of time in the vibration of asking and wanting, you get more wanting back from the Universe.

I simply write down my wishes in the present tense and post them on my wall, where I can read them daily.

Write down how you would feel if you had what you desire. Then, find a way to get the feeling you want right now. It can be through imagining a time when you had that feeling in the past or by doing something now that produces the emotion.

How to believe:

When I decided to live with intention, I practiced noticing and replacing my limiting beliefs about what I deserve.

How to receive:

When things are manifesting for me, I see synchronicities. The "coincidences" are the way my desires are trying to be fulfilled. I remain open to them. I use my intuition and synchronicities to guide me. If I keep seeing an image or hearing about the same topic repeatedly, I assume the Universe is trying to tell me something, and I investigate.

You don't always know where the synchronicities are leading. Try not to worry about how things will happen. Sometimes, we need to let go and trust that the Universe is bringing you what you need.

By learning how to manifest, you learn how to invite the Universe to bring you the necessary synchronicities, teachers, and answers for your highest good.

Live Your Magical Life 😊


How to Manifest
How to Manifest

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