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Tune into your Higher Self

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

Tune into your Higher Self
Tune into your Higher Self

Have you ever wanted to tune into your Spirit, know what your Soul wants, and find your True Purpose?

Tuning into your Spirit/Higher Self is a process of discovery. There’s no quick trick. The key is to build a relationship with yourself in a way that is unique to you. Getting to know yourself on a deeper level is a fantastic journey!

Ways of cultivating a relationship with yourself can include meditation, journaling, or any other activity that helps you quiet your mind and attune to the deeper aspects of your being. It can be anything that your Soul finds enjoyable. Embrace your unique gifts, talents, and passions as expressions of your Spirit. By aligning with what brings you joy and fulfillment, you can more fully embody your Spirit and live an authentic and purposeful life.

Knowing yourself includes ALL of yourself, not only your Higher Self. Becoming self-aware is crucial in tuning into your Spirit. The more you understand and accept yourself, the less your egoic mind can mess with you. You get to know its tricks. You listen to your mind without identifying with it, so you don't get caught up in an emotion.

For example, as I write this, part of my mind convinces me that I am a horrible writer and should stop now. If I listen to that part of myself, I would stop, which would stifle the flow of energy that is trying to come out in words. The act of writing is fulfilling a basic soul need – the need to create. My Ego is afraid that I will be negatively judged for my writing. In the big picture, it doesn't matter if I am judged. It can't hurt me, not really. And so, this self-awareness allows me to stay in the flow. I recognize the voice for what it is; I'm aware it's my Ego, and I accept it but don't listen to it. I love even the scared, egoic parts of myself.

To cultivate self-awareness, take time to BE with yourself without judgment. Be in the moment with your full awareness. When you can BE with yourself in comfortable silence, you've attained something that remains elusive to most people – inner peace. And in that peace, you may find something else: a presence, a knowing, a spark. You may become aware of your Soul. You may feel the part of you that is infinite and beyond words.

Because your Soul is beyond language, you must learn to feel it. The Higher Self can send messages through the body and energy system. BE with your Soul in its presence and power. There is no goal. There is nothing and everything at once. Sense the energy, be curious about what it wants to tell you, and let it flow. It doesn't have to be anything; it just has to BE.

Over time, you experience what it feels like to commune with your Higher Self without the mind distracting you. The mind still pipes up, but you learn that your thoughts are not you. You ARE the presence that can calmly observe thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

Live your Magical Life 😊


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1 commentaire

Sarah Noftle
Sarah Noftle
11 juil. 2023

Love this post, Amy!! I was reading, ‘The Power of Now’ and this is such a great extension to some of those ideas. I find I can do this easily for some things (such as being worried about something in my business) but really struggle over other aspects of my life, such as with my children. I appreciate the reminder that this is an ongoing journey. I need to focus on quoting my mind and connecting inward more.

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